The Level Ground Festival started as a student-run film festival in 2013. It was the first film festival in the world to explore faith, gender, and sexuality. Since then Level Ground has hosted 25 days of festival programming in six cities around the country and we have expanded as a full film and arts festival.  

The Level Ground Festival is a one-of-a-kind experience that integrates the best, most interesting aspects of an educational conference, an art exhibit, and a film festival, all with an interactive storytelling foundation. Our hope is that art inspires empathy, creates a listening space, and cultivates a better way of speaking with one another across our differences and disagreements. 

Each Level Ground Festival is specially curated to include a diversity of film screenings, live music, dance, and theater performances, visual art exhibits, catered meals, exclusive interviews, workshops, stand-up comedy, live podcasts, and workshops for the purpose of elevating the public discourse around the otherwise polarizing topics of gender identity and human sexuality. 

The Level Ground Festival draws a unique audience that reflects the full spectrum of religious (and non-religious) beliefs, gender identities, and sexual orientations. All denominations, theologies, beliefs, races, and ages are welcome. 

To be in a room with such a diverse group of people and to hear personal stories of grief, faith, sexual identity, self-discovery, longing, love and what it means to be human, is to recognize that we are much more united than we realize.
— 2014 Festival Attendee
Going to Level Ground was a game changer for our outreach and engagement efforts around the film. The festival helped me understand that we have the opportunity to really make a difference in the evangelical faith community. I often talk to other audiences and the press about the dialogue we had at Level Ground because of the profound effect on me. I will always be grateful to Level Ground for showing me that dialogue and tolerance for LGBT rights is possible in the evangelical faith community.
— Director Roger Ross Williams, God Loves Uganda
Moral of the story: human beings are NOT caricatures and we hold more things in common than we ever thought possible.
— 2015 Festival Attendee
The film festival was first rate in every way sparking conversation and granting insight.
— Dr. Rob Johnston, professor of Theology and Culture