“59” is an experimental film anthology currently in production by Leslie Foster for the 2016 Level Ground Artist-In-Residence program. Leslie has spent 13 years in the film industry. His films are subversive distillations of a lifetime of travel, a love of spirituality, and a passion for activism and the queer community. He most recently debuted the experimental film gallery installation “Ritual Cycle,” a beautiful and challenging exploration of divine identity from the perspectives of the divine as sibling, love, feminine, and genderqueer.


“59,” his latest  project, is an exploration of how a series of collaborations and a set of creative restraints fuse to make 11 unique films steeped in the controversial space of faith, gender, and sexuality.

Leslie’s self-imposed restraints are as follows:

  1. One film a month must be created between May 2016 and April 2017.

  2. Each film must be exactly 59 seconds.

  3. Each film must be created with a different collaborator, preferably from a different discipline.

  4. Leslie cannot be the sole originator of any of the ideas; they must be created in full collaboration with the respective artists.

  5. The artistic collaborators cannot be cis men.

“59” exists in a space of exciting possibility; the set of restrictions and a wide diversity of collaborators allow for a series of films that span a range of emotions and themes. Each film represents a beautiful synthesis of Leslie’s unique vision and the work of 11 incredibly gifted artists. The collaborators for “59” include NY Times-featured poet Jacqueline Suskin; fashion designer and installation artist Sheridan Irwin; photographer and photographer Rae Threat; choreographer and stilt performer Angelina Prendergast; theologian, activist, and writer KC Slack; visual artist and sculptor Tatiana EL Khouri; and spoken word artist Dei Selah Thompson. 

The project will debut as a gallery installation at the 2017 Pasadena Festival and will allow viewers to explore strange and beautiful visions distilled into micro films which will capture and challenge the imagination.


59 is an experimental film series created by Leslie Foster in collaboration with 11 artists during his residency at the Level Ground Arts and Film Festival. It is composed of 11 films, each lasting 59 seconds, and each created with a different collaborating artist, none of whom could be cis men. His collaborators are: Angeline Prendergast, Madeline Merritt, KC Slack, Dei Selah Thompson, Maranatha & Jackie Hay, Sheridan Irwin & Sarah Newswanger, Tatiana El-Khouri, Jacqueline Suskin, Jade Phoenix Martinez, Sarah London, and Rae Threat.

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