2019 Artist Residency Application

Applications due January 11, 2019

what is level ground?

Level Ground is determined to inspire cultural change by giving resources and influence to diverse artists. We confront toxic and divisive cultural narratives with immersive experiences, creative collaborations, and radical solidarity through the arts. With over seven years of experience, Level Ground has a notable catalog of collaborators and an impressive portfolio of artistic experiments resulting in dozens of original stories told online, in galleries, and on screen.

Who should apply? 


  • We are looking for emerging / mid-career artists based in Los Angeles. This means that this isn’t your first artistic undertaking, but you also aren’t yet making your entire living as an artist.


  • Experimental in nature; including artists who are working in new forms of art-making.

  • At the intersections of identity. Good projects will expand, deepen, and/or complicate issues of identity (racial, religious, gender, sexuality, ability, etc.).

  • Collaborative with other artists, organizations, and communities across different identities and artistic mediums.

  • Inclusive of an immersive gallery show or event (to take place in the fall of 2019).

  • In the idea or development stage. We will not accept projects that are already completed, or already in process of being completed.

  • Within a budget range of $3,000-$6,000. (Artists are expected to fundraise at least $1,000 of their own support with Level Ground’s mentorship.)

What does the program offer?

  • Mentorship, representation, production and distribution resources, and workshop trainings

  • A support system with connections to a variety of resources in Los Angeles; including artistic collaborators, rehearsal space, film locations, etc.

  • Access to a sound stage and shared office space in Echo Park to work on your art

  • Financial stipend between $1,500-$3,000 depending on the project

  • Guidance to fundraise the rest of your project budget (including the gallery show)

How does the residency work?

About the Residency:

  • The residency is 9-months long (from March to November 2019).

  • There are (6) required workshop trainings and monthly meetings.

  • You will exhibit your project at a gallery installation produced by Level Ground in the fall of 2019.

  • You will present your project concept in May 2019 at a Level Ground group show.

About the Application:

  • Resume or CV describing academic, professional, and other relevant experience.

  • Portfolio that includes prior or current samples of your artistic work. Please include photos from any previous gallery shows if applicable.

  • Project budget that includes project creation or production and a gallery show event (we are looking for projects with budgets between $3,000 and $6,000).

  • Application questions below.

  • A $25 submission donation. Please click here to submit a tax-deductible application donation of $25. (Email info@onlevelground.org with requests to waive the submission donation.)


  1. Email your resume, portfolio, budgets, and application to info@onlevelground.org by January 11.

  2. There may be a 2nd round of follow-up interviews with top applicants.

  3. We will make a final decision and notify all applicants in early February 2019.

Application Questions


  1. What do you consider experimental about the nature of your work? (250 words or less)

  2. How does your work explore intersections of identity? (250 words or less)

  3. What was your most successful collaborative experience and why? (250 words or less)

  4. Professionally and creatively, where are you now and where do you want to be? (250 words or less)

  5. How would the Level Ground Residency Program help you in your personal and artistic journey? (250 words or less)

  6. Are their other artists, organizations, or galleries you would like to work with during your residency? What would each add to your project and your growth as an artist? Do you have access to any of them currently? (500 words or less)

  7. Please take some time to describe the framework of your proposed project in relation to Level Ground. How do you plan to implement the completion of your project (please include monthly benchmarks)? What mediums will you use and what’s your level of knowledge with those mediums. Finally, outline any specific technical support you might need. (500 words or less)

  8. How did you hear about Level Ground and this program? (100 words)

Choose any 2 to answer:

  • What is your philosophy towards your art?

  • How do you deal with critique?

  • What’s the best thing Level Ground could do to help you succeed?

  • What’s the most satisfying moment you’ve had as an artist?

  • What’s the last piece of literature, work of art, or piece of music that captured your imagination?

Past residencies


  • Artist-in-Residence: Leslie Foster

  • Project: 59


  • Artist-in-Residence: Rae Threat

  • Project: #TheUntitledBodyProject

  • Project: nothing exists separate by Rebekah Mei

  • Project: Tainted Truth by Ruthintruth