Reflections on Tim Cook by Nick Palacios

Today marks a watershed moment not only for LGBTQ folks in the public arena, but for ALL people to be liberated from the antiquated notion that their sexuality (gay, straight, or other) is something to be hidden or ashamed of.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, wrote in an op-ed piece today that not only is he proud to be gay, but considers being gay one of the greatest gifts God gave him.

How can this coming out story open us up to reimagining how we hold our sexuality as a blessing and not a curse? How can Tim Cook's vulnerability challenge our thinking that we should keep our personal lives private? What does it mean to live authentically in your community, where the stakes are high?

Thank you, Tim Cook, for beginning to tell your story. It is stories like these that challenge the systematic silencing of non-traditional voices, breaks down the unhelpful stereotypes and caricatures of minorities, and creates space for new relationships to form, and estranged relationships to be repaired.

PS... love my iPhone and can we get that watch already!?!