Mac Shannon presented this poem live at the NYC Road Show last weekend as part of the ON GENDER CONFORMITY program.

Up until I was born, it was thought that I would be a boy. I travelled every inch of my world, Boy, to travel, to dream, to run. Boy.

And when it was stated otherwise, girl? My father did not care —she can be all of that too— and cried happy tears.

And all my life, I have been taught that God only loved me if I was broken in all the right ways. And the way they're talking, it seems that they've forgotten about the whole Jesus-forgave-all thing saying that God is not omnipresent is not all-loving is not forgiving is only, Human?

Not only that but they are claiming that THEY are God and I am their creation to be molded, reworked, explained into their "it is good."

Has it ever occurred to you that maybe this is how I am meant to be created; Not by you or by myself and that I am indeed good?


I am indeed very good, He said and all was well.

But all is not well, although… somehow they must know…? That false truths are always exposed that their placement as false gods will fall away.

I do not think that I am any less than I was not created to be any more than I am created to be recreated, is that so evil?

And when I told my father otherwise boy / explorer / dreamer / runner he cared too much —this girl cannot be— Boy? and cried angry tears.

So is it God or is it us that hates me so much?