Why Should You Come to the Level Ground Film Festival?...PART 2

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I hate change and if I’m honest I don’t really like spending much time with people who are different than me. In fact I even get anxious before heading over to a friend’s house for dinner, or heading off to a concert venue I’ve not yet been to, or out to eat at a restaurant in a part of town I’ve not yet explored.  I don’t necessarily think it’s that I’m a jerk, or anti-social but there’s an anxiety that happens when I’m in a new situation and for most of us, we want to avoid uncomfortable feelings, anxiety and most of all, the unknown.  We consciously or unconscious wonder, what will it be like? Will I know what to say?  What if I want to go home early?  What if it’s awkward?  What if it’s boring?  What if this new experience makes me cry, or feel something I don’t want to feel?  Why am I even doing this?!  I don’t think I’m alone in my desire to only experience things I know the outcome of, like sticking to watching the adventure movies because I know they won’t make me feel sad, or cry like a drama film might.  Or only spending time with people I already know and love instead of calling up that new person I met at church because of my fear that I won’t know what to say.  But I’m so glad that I have a little bit of rebel in me, even if it means rebelling against myself.  You see I never feel so alive and close to God than when I risk in these unknown places and surprisingly find beauty, truth, joy and the stuff that makes for an adventure.  When we only stay in the places we know, we miss out on the deepness of life and aren’t you a bit tired of not living the life you know you were created for?  I know I am.  So when you consider going to a film at The Level Ground Film Festival and you feel anxious, or find yourself making up excuses as to why you shouldn’t go maybe that’s the cue to say, lets dive in and go for an adventure today.

From Candice C.


“It is the insecure self that lives in anxiety and defensiveness, protecting itself from the intrusion of any novelty which threatens its tenuous integration. In the creative personality the lion and the lamb lie down together without ceasing to be lion and lamb; the gypsy and the homesteader live side by side in peace. “

-Sam Keen

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