Why Should You Come to the Level Ground Film Festival?

[vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"][vc_column_text] As the 2014 Level Ground Film Festival is just a month away, we know there are a lot of good reasons to convince yourself not to come. Sure, this is a film festival and film is interesting, artful, trendy, maybe even educational. But faith-based? And LGBT? What does that even mean? Plus, you’re busy. And you aren’t sure what to expect. You, like most of us, are uninterested in some new group trying to change your belief system. You know what you believe. You can watch movies at home, on your own time, with your own friends and family. Or maybe you’re more of a skeptic: Let’s see how it goes this year, you think, and maybe I’ll check it out next year.

Whatever it is that could hold you back from attending this year’s Level Ground Film Festival, we hope you’ll reconsider. Being an early adaptor is risky and vulnerable. But we need you - and the eclectic diversity of religious, social, and cultural beliefs that you represent - to show up in order for level ground to work.

I promise you we won’t get it right this first year. We will say the wrong thing. We will make someone too uncomfortable. We will unintentionally misrepresent a particular perspective. But that’s why we need you to be there. No one individual is an expert in this dialogue. We are all learners. The purpose of Level Ground is to humbly, yet still with conviction, recognize that we are stumbling our way into a new thing and a difficult conversation. It’s going to be messy and broken and beautiful.

And that is the point.

So may each of us be willing to risk showing up. May we give each other the benefit of the doubt. And may we be quick to confess and say I’m sorry as we work together towards peace and reconciliation in the midst of difference and disagreement.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be posting different people’s experiences on why they think you should come to the 2014 Level Ground Film Festival. Hopefully you hear yourself in one of their stories and will be nudged even just a little closer to taking the bold step of buying a ticket and entering the theater. If you have any questions or hesitancies about the festival and want to talk with someone more, please don’t hesitate to email info@onlevelground.org. We would love to be in touch with you!

- From Samantha C.


“Good religion is always about seeing rightly: “The lamp of the body is the eye; if your eye is sound, your whole body will be filled with light,” as Jesus says in Matthew 6:22. How you see is what you see. And to see rightly is to be able to be fully present—without fear, without bias, and without judgment. It is such hard work for the ego, for the emotions, and for the body, that I think most of us would simply prefer to go to church services.”

- Richard Rohr