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The Week-ish

A lot of what’s being said and shared on our social feeds is pretty polarizing. But if you look hard enough, there’s also a lot of dialogue happening across differences. (ICYMI, that's what we’re all about!) 

Check out the internet dialogue we're dialoguing about from last week-ish.

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Holy Ground

As a seminarian and ministry worker in an evangelical context, I wonder how we can nurture our faith communities to become places of holy ground, not just in our posture toward God, but also towards each other. How can we believers, regardless of our gender expression, identity, sexual orientation or theology, find not just common ground but sacred ground together? When divisions are deepened and fears heightened, it seems the first thing we lose is our ability to listen, and listen well.

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Faith-Based Perspectives: Caitlyn Jenner and Questions About Gender Identity

Level Ground hosted a public screening and discussion of the Bruce Jenner interview with Diane Sawyer a couple weeks ago. We collected the questions that came up during our dialogue and divided them into three different categories: Practical Questions, Theological Questions, and Subjective Questions. We asked a few different people to respond to our questions and will be posting their answers over the next week. First up is Dr. H. Adam Ackley. You can read more about Adam and his story here

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Art and the Creating of Space

Art has a way of inviting us into spaces that we don’t otherwise know how to enter. It gives us permission to sit in those grey areas that we are often uncomfortable with. Art does this because, in a lot of ways, it is not bound by space, and often uses and manipulates space to its own benefit. We see this a lot in the way installation artists transform physical spaces, or the way a poet uses words to open our eyes to a new perspective or way of seeing. We hear it in the extended pauses of a vocal performance or monologue, or see it in the extension and hold of a dancer in arabesque.

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The Trouble With Enemies

Enemies – that’s such a strong word. Do I really mean it? After all, the whole point of Level Ground is to help people make connections with and learn to understand other people who think, feel, speak, and live so differently than one another. We seek deep, often surprising solidarity through real human encounters across our divides. We discover that we’re not as far apart as we imagined. We remember Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s reminder that the line separating good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being – which means that all of us are morally complex. And we really do believe that dialogue, listening, and art are ways to move forward toward genuinely creating safe space for all people 

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