Bianca Luna

Bianca Luna is a student at Fuller Theological Seminary pursuing a Masters of Divinity with the anticipation of graduating June 2017. Bianca holds a BA in Pastoral Studies from North Central University in Minneapolis, MN.  Bianca is proudly from Northern California, raised in Sacramento, and then spent some years in Santa Cruz where she claims as home. Most of Bianca's expertise falls under Children, Youth, and Prayer Ministries but wants to focus in on being an advocate for gender equality and justice for the LGBTQ community; she feels that the best place to find her voice in these places is Level Ground. Most of Bianca's church background has been deeply conservative backgrounds, although she may not agree with all their teachings and theology, she wants to honor and respect them because she has a desire to be a bridge person with non-affirming and affirming communities. Bianca is a firm believer in love, as God continues to pursue and love us; we know how to love others.