How do we think about...

How do we think about faith and politics? 

Over the next four theology classes we'll be exploring the relationship between faith, politics, and policy from a Christian and intersectional perspective. 

We'll have a variety of facilitators throughout the series. RSVP for the first one here

More about the Level Ground Theology Class Series:

We know it can be difficult to hold our social convictions alongside the faith we were taught growing up, or the culture we see around us. Or perhaps we don't quite understand how to talk with family or friends who deeply disagree with our beliefs. 

Where do these differences come from? How can we read the same words in the bible so differently? 

This series of "How Do We Think About" classes are an opportunity to learn more about our own questions and convictions on a given topic (related to intersectionality), and also understand how and why other people may believe differently than we do. Our goal is NOT to teach a single idealogy, but to practice a dialogue marked by humility, curiosity, and respect.

February 23