Kristyn Komarnicki

Kristyn Komarnicki is the Director of Communications at Evangelicals For Social Action. Kristyn writes and speaks about both sexual justice and sexual exploitation. She created and facilitates ESA’s Oriented to Love dialogues about sexual diversity in the church. These help Christians of different sexual and theological orientations come together to get to know, understand, and love each other, unified by the love of Christ.

A xenophile who loves to travel and swap stories with people from around the world, Kristyn studied English literature–earning a BA from Wheaton College and an MA from the University of Toronto–and French language, literature, and culture in Aix-en-Provence and Paris. She began her journalism career in Hong Kong, where she lived on a small fisherfolk island for eight years (boats only – no cars!). She lives in Philadelphia with her husband of 25 years and the youngest of their three sons (ages 14-21).

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