Leslie Foster

H. Leslie Foster II is an LA-based filmmaker and a co-founder of Traveling Muse Pictures, a non-profit film collective. He is also a founding member of the Nomad Solstice art collective. Having grown up and worked all around the world, Leslie thinks of himself as an urban nomad and fantasizes about joining a roving band of vagabond artists. He strives to make work that is both beautiful and uncomfortable. With over ten years spent in the film industry, Leslie is happiest when he's applying his knowledge and creativity in collaboration with other artists in order to tell unique stories. 

That work includes everything from experimental film installations to his work co-producing the 2009 Crystal Heart award-winning short film “Marbles with Thoreau.” In addition to his work as a freelance filmmaker and film collective enthusiast, Leslie also serves as the current Artist-In-Residence at the Level Ground film festival and is the social media guru/resident "Mr." for Ms. In the Biz, a company that creates community and wisdom-sharing among women in the film industry. 

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