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  • How do I know where to show up?

    • Friday we'll be at Hound Dog Commons in East Nashville. The address is 305 Douglas Ave. 37206.
    • Saturday we'll be at The Bistro at Emma's near Pinewood Social. The address is 11 Lea Ave. 37210. 
    • Look for Level Ground signage when you arrive! 
    • Download the program or visit the website to get all these details (and more). 
  • Can I give the suggested donation at the door?

    • Yes, you can give the suggested donation with cash or with credit card at the door for each event. 
  • Where should I park and how will I pay for that?

    • Both venues have plenty of free parking available. Park in the KIPP lot next to Hound Dog Commons and park in any lot near The Bistro. 

  • Can I bring friends? Do we need tickets?

    • Yes, please bring friends! You don't need to get tickets ahead of time, but it would help us if you could RSVP and let us know you're coming. 

the LEVEL GROUND experience:

  • This is my first time going to an event related to faith, gender, and sexuality. What should I expect?

    • The level of conversation at Level Ground is not meant to intimidate but to welcome. Expect to encounter a diversity of people and beliefs. But also expect to encounter a welcoming environment where it is okay to not be sure, to ask questions, and to not agree with everything you hear, see, and experience. 
  • This is my first time going to a film or arts festival. What should I expect?

    • A festival can be an intense, sometimes overwhelming experience. There is a lot going on, a lot to take in, a lot to experience and process. We suggest you take a moment before you come to prepare yourself for an encounter with different, sometimes difficult stories. We do our best to layer the more painful sides of the human condition with lighter moments to laugh, connect, and make a new friend. Expect to be both challenged and inspired! 

  • What are you expecting from me in terms of participation? Are you going to ask me questions? Should I ask you questions?

    • Some of our events (like Art As Justice and Convicted Civility) are primarily panel presentations. We hope that you will find many times for good conversation during other events like the art gallery and meals. Other events begin as presentations or screenings after which we provide time and space when you will be invited to discuss, contribute, or quietly listen.
  • Is this a church event?

    • Among the organizations that sponsor us are some churches, but Level Ground has no affiliation with a church.
  • Are most of the people there going to be of a particular faith, gender, or sexuality?

    • The Christian faith has had an important impact on what Level Ground does but we anticipate a variety of faith backgrounds and practices among people who will be there. With our focus on faith, gender, and sexuality, our artists and speakers represent a diverse spectrum of religious beliefs, genders, and sexualities.
  • Are you hoping or trying to change my political or spiritual beliefs?

    • Our festival is focused on dialogue through film and art. Each film, artist, or other attendee that you interact with will support, encourage, and challenge you in different ways. We ask that you bring your own background and beliefs into honest dialogue with those around you at the festival because that is what we are hoping and trying to do.


  • I would like to attend the festival but I cannot find the answer to a question. Who should I ask?

  • I am currently at the festival and I have a question/concern/thought. Who should I talk to?

    • Look for a Level Ground volunteer who will be ready to assist you in answering your questions or receiving your feedback. 
  • I want to I follow up with Level Ground after the festival in some way. How can I do that?

    • We are working to form an ongoing Level Ground community in Nashville. If you're interested in joining us, please let us know during the festival. You can also follow us on Facebook or join our newsletter to stay up-to-date. 
  • How can I support Level Ground financially or in some other way?

    • We rely on individual members to support our work. You can become a member for as little as $10/month. Learn more at You can also make a one-time, tax-deductible donation here