Call for Submissions

At SKEW, we’re looking for pieces that explore the fascinating, surprising, sometimes overwhelming, and always enlightening connections between pop culture and one’s personal life. We accept interviews, short stories (fiction and non-fiction), non-academic essays, poetry, photo essays, photography and illustration—but feel free to get creative! We like to be surprised by what writers and makers send us.

As an annual print publication with a diverse cross-section of readers, we like to see content that goes beyond hot takes and current events, reaching for larger themes that hold long-term relevance for our readers. Our issues are not themed, so don’t feel limited to a certain topic or idea.

Before you submit, we recommend perusing past issues of our online zine, as well as the Level Ground website, to understand our brand, interests, and tone. Prior pieces we’ve particularly enjoyed include interviews with drag queens from various faith backgrounds; an essay analyzing The Bachelorette in the age of #MeToo; and a breakdown of the ways capitalism distorts “self care,” as seen through themes in the film Tully. Basically, we’re all over the map, but all our stories share a common goal of bridging the gap between the kind of culture we consume, and the actions and words we put back out into the world.

We only accept submissions for original work, meaning a piece’s printing in SKEW is its first publication, with no prior appearances online or in print elsewhere.

We do allow simultaneous submissions, but please let us know if your piece has been accepted elsewhere.

Please send all submissions to skew@onlevelground.org by Friday, August 5. 

Every submission received will be read, but we’re a very small team, so we appreciate your patience in evaluating the work received. We will respond to every submission received, so long as it fits our criteria. You can help us out in reading your submissions by observing the following guidelines when submitting written work:


Attach written submissions as a Word Doc or PDF, and visual submissions as JPEGs. Name the file(s) in the following format: “Your Name - Title of Piece.” In the body of the email, please include your contact information, mailing address, bio, links to your website or social media, and the genre of the piece.


Initial submissions of 600-1,200 words are sufficient. Submissions that exceed 1,500 words will not be considered. 


At this time, we cannot compensate contributors of unsolicited pieces. We apologize, as we know unpaid labor is still labor, and we are working to build space in our budget to pay contributors. That said, we manage our broad artistic network with scrappiness and creativity, so if your piece is accepted, we’ll be in touch about ways we can reciprocate your labor through trade.


Please feel free to include visuals (i.e. photos, illustrations) to accompany your article, if they help convey information, tone, etc.


After the issue’s publication, you may post your piece to your own site or blog, as long as it is attributed and linked to SKEW. If you wish to re-publish your work in other publications (print or digital), please notify us prior to the content being reproduced.