Rachel Mac Won’t Be Typecast

The stand-up comedian and host of Level Ground’s Typecast comedy show on October 5 shares her thoughts on comedy, gender… and dick jokes.

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“The evolving relationship between Framing Agnes and Level Ground is emblematic of how I’ve wanted Level Ground to function since the beginning–as a structure, organization, community, and collective, that people can leverage for whatever it is that they’re doing.”

– samantha curley

I’m still healing from growing up in church and believing that my body wasn’t enough, that I would be validated by the man that I married and waiting to have sex. It’s so gross. It’s so hetero.”

– ruth torres

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Far from being an isolated, arcane bubble of the art world, experimental film has the ability to influence culture in a powerful way.









Artist Rae Threat’s new show, #THEUNTITLEDBODYPROJECT, resists modern beauty standards and celebrates diverse bodies.


how Rebekah mei conceptualizes the enneagram through art & performance

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As an artist, I have a difficult time when people ask me: What's your medium?” or, “What's your style?” because there’s so many things that I love to do. When I want to make something it's really an idea or an event or experience that I want to create a work of art around. Then I will choose whatever medium makes the most sense for that idea.



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