Level Ground is a nonprofit organization headquartered in the Playhouse District of Pasadena. We host film and art-based community experiences as a way to increase the impact of meaningful art. 

From March 29 to April 12, 2017 Level Ground is curating an art show in Pasadena (inside a storefront building located at 600 E Colorado Blvd.) The gallery will feature art that explores, complicates, and/or elevates public discourse surrounding topics of identity (i.e. racial, religious, gender, sexuality, and/or ability). 

Level Ground is looking for artists with concepts or completed pieces for the installation. Please email your project idea to and before March 15, 2017. Include your name, a written description of your concept or piece(s), and examples of previous work you’ve completed. If your project requires a budget, please include that as well. 

59.7 | directed by leslie foster and Tatiana EL-Khouri

59.7 | directed by leslie foster and Tatiana EL-Khouri

We are also looking for sponsoring organizations to help support this pop-up art show. If you are interested, please email samantha@onlevelground.orgThank you!

Call for Filmmakers

We are always on the lookout for compelling, nuanced art that explores the intersections of identity and belonging. 

Submit your film (feature or short, documentary or narrative) via Festhome by clicking below. We only review submissions that answer the question, "How does your film help create a meaningful conversation about faith, gender, sexuality, and/or identity?"

Email with questions. 


Submit your visual art by emailing We're looking for: stories, performance pieces, comedy, podcasts, dance pieces, live music, visual art, installation art, interactive art, workshops, meals, etc.