THE UNTITLED BODY PROJECT is a docu-photography project created by Rae Threat for the 2018 Level Ground Artist-In-Residence program. 

The project is a visual reflection of how society and culture have shaped and influenced our bodies and how we view them. Rae's work will include a short documentary featuring interviews with models of different shapes, sizes, gender, and identity discussing how culture and society has helped shape their bodies and influenced their body image.

THE UNTITLED BODY PROJECT will culminate in June 2018 with a fully immersive multi-medium art show featuring 3D photography on LED panels, a centralized video installation on multiple monitors, and large scale printed portrait suspensions. 

Studio space is provided by Evidence Film Studios. The 3D experience is provided by 3D Live. Production is funded by the Level Ground residency program. 

Level Ground is currently raising funds for Rae's gallery installation. If you're interested in making a tax-deductible donation to support Rae Threat, please click below. 

*Email us for details on donor perks or sponsorship opportunities.  


The creator

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Rae Threat is a visual artist and photographer based in Los Angeles who is renowned for her ability to invert stereotypes and challenge views.

Rae has exhibited in galleries internationally from L.A. and San Francisco to Turkey, Vienna, and Berlin. Her alternative approach to photography uniquely merges the underground art and music scene and LGBTQ community. Notable queer icon Courtney Trouble has referred to Rae as the ‘Celebrity Photographer’ of the feminist queer scene in San Francisco.

With her current venture, Threat Films she continues to explore challenging views and thought-provoking subjects. Rae is also a photographer for the Sundance Institute. You can follow her on instagram here


the collaborators